Saturday, December 18, 2010

baconMANia Truck.

I was given the opportunity to help a friend of mine with his Food truck the other day... His second night out.

I arrived around 2:00pm and we eventually got everything prepped and fairly ready to head out... The planned stop for the night was the OC Fairgrounds for a pre-launch/presell for their New Years Eve party. After a crazy ride through the backstreets of Santa Ana, we arrived at our venue...

There were about 14-15 other trucks there and we fell into our place and got everything going... The vibe was pretty good, and the crowd/customers all seemed excited about being there... These people were DEFINITELY there to EAT!

The menu consisted of bacon chili, an incredible bacon grilled cheese loaded with goodies like mushrooms, jalapenos and green apple slices with a tomato soup dip, a trio of bacon balls, filled with bacon-mac-cheese, beef tenderloin with blue cheese, and a PBJ, all rolled up in a slice of bacon and deep fried, bacon cheese crisps, and bacon candy. 

Crowd response was excellent, and we ran out of food early, but managed to come up with enough to make most people happy. All in all a good time and made me long for cooking for crowds again... If you are into this sort of thing, love bacon, or just want a great sandwich, hunt them down.

It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun... And I never knew how much I'd like shots of Jack with bacon grease... A LOT of Jack...  Oh... and I got a shirt. Now to sell them our Burke's Fine Meats BACON!!

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